Pokemon Champion found dead in park.

Police has yet to explain why

|Steven Red|Saturday 28 May 2001|10:55 AM|

Pokemon Champion Ethan Blake (Better known as Gold) was found dismembered behind a bush in The National Park.

Silver Sakaki, Kris ███, and Lyra ███ reported the body at around 2:19 PM, they described it as “too mangled to be true” and “unrecognizable beyond belief”, Autopsy results reveal that the cause of death was due to extreme forces that supposedly ripped off his limbs and eyes and that the body is in fact several weeks old despite most people claiming that they saw the trainer outside bell sprout tower in Violet city, Police has declared this a suicide until further explanation is resolved however we have yet to hear any more statements getting released to the public.

Furthermore, Silver recorded and published a video of the incident, the video shows him looming over the dead champion while grieving in pain, you can hear the panicked screams of kris and lyra as they dial the Police, unfortunately, this video has been taken down due to privacy reasons, however, leaks of the audio and photos can be found scattered online, as well as the police report, but anyone has yet to find it.

My heart goes out to those who have been affected by the incident, have a safe and healthy day, and may Arceus have mercy on us.

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